How do I set up email batch campaigns?

To set up email batch campaigns, enter your delivery recipients in the 'Delivery Email' text box; note that you can enter multiple delivery recipients, but be sure to separate the recipient's email addresses with a comma and no spaces.  Select your transfer type as 'Email' and enter your header and data fields.  You can set up your headers to your advertiser's specs, but make sure you format with a comma and no spaces like this: First Name,Last Name,Email,DOB,Zip.  Map the Leadshot fields to the headers like this: __FNAME__,__LNAME__,__EMAIL__,__DOB_MONTH__-__DOB_DAY__-__DOB_YYYY__,__ZIP__.  Select your delivery days and time (based on CST) and send a test file by hitting the send test mail button.

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